Amazon Alexa development simultaneous translation

The level of machine translation is getting higher and higher, after a few companies launched real-time machine translation (or simultaneous translation), but the use of poor experience. According to foreign media latest news, Amazon team is developing the simultaneous translation function of the voice assistant Alexa. In addition to the language, Alexa will also make a strong cross-cultural translation, which can help users to integrate into the customs and cultures of other countries.

A large number of agencies before the assessment, the voice of the four major companies in the world aides, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa the highest IQ, not only easier to understand the natural language input, but also to answer the higher accuracy. In contrast, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple Siri are far behind rivals.

Currently Alexa has access to a large number of third-party hardware and software equipment, more powerful. However, according to Yahoo Finance Channel quoted informed sources reported that the Amazon Alexa team is developing simultaneous translation function.

Alexa’s simultaneous translation is ready to go beyond the current level of competitors, that is, not just the translation of words and phrases, but into the level of cultural translation.

It is reported that the first languages ​​covered by Alexa simultaneous translation function include English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

At present, the Amazon officials did not comment on the news, has not yet confirmed the development of simultaneous translation.

In cross-cultural translation, such as an English-speaking American traveling to Tokyo, Japan, Alexa can become a translator next to him and help the Japanese dialogue. Alexa will also understand Japan’s customs and culture.

It has been reported that users will be able to ask Alexa a similar question, “Alexa, what should I say to the bride’s father at a Japanese wedding?” Or “What should I say to the wedding ceremonial?”

In another cultural scenario, if a traveler enters India for the first time, he can ask Alexa, “Alexa, I just went to a restaurant in New Delhi. Who should I speak to and say to a table?

A source told Yahoo Finance that cross-cultural translation and custom introduction will be a highlight of Amazon simultaneous translation.

According to reports, the future of Amazona Alexa can not only translate a set of conversations, and even able to translate complex conversations between people.

In the field of simultaneous translation, there are already many companies in the research and development, Amazon is already a late company.

Microsoft has previously introduced simultaneous interpretation using Skype, an Internet phone tool, but VoIP is a niche application. It is unclear how Microsoft has been marginalized in the field of smartphone chat tools and the technical level of Skype simultaneous translation.

Last October, Google also introduced Pixel Buds, a wireless headset accessory tool for smartphones, which is said to have simultaneous translation capabilities, but media reports later said the actual translation experience was not ideal.

In addition to simultaneous translation, a large number of companies have already launched machine text translation services. The most common is the user to enter a large text, mobile phone software, the website can automatically translate into other text.

However, whether it is machine translation or simultaneous translation, the current level of technology and experience are not satisfactory, has not yet reached the stage of large-scale popularity. Some machine translation actually made a joke, some businesses will translate the results directly to the shop front, the results proved to be completely wrong translation.

In the voice assistant simultaneous interpretation field, Amazon Alexa can come from behind, catch up with Microsoft and Google, will be worth attention.