How major technology giants play Fun supply chain

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that in order to ensure that cobalt, an important mobile phone battery material, would not be in short supply due to a blowout in the electric car industry, Apple is discussing the possibility of direct procurement of cobalt materials from several mines.

Although the current multi-party talks are still confidential stage, but informed sources said that Apple is now given the program is to seek suppliers to buy thousands of tons of cobalt material, a period of 5 years or longer, and there have been three cobalt mine sources have identified The news. Continue reading “How major technology giants play Fun supply chain”

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Amazon levied 6% sales tax on some states in the United States

According to CNBC’s Beijing time on March 3, has notified third-party sellers that sales tax will soon begin to be imposed on goods sold to Pennsylvania.

On the vendor-only sellers platform, Amazon said that from April 1, Amazon “will calculate, charge and transfer sales tax” for orders that are delivered to users in Pennsylvania. Amazon spokesman confirmed this policy. Continue reading “Amazon levied 6% sales tax on some states in the United States”

Microsoft introduced the blind for VR equipment

Foreign media recently exposed a new Microsoft study. The project combines VR with a set of haptic devices designed to allow visually impaired people to explore the VR world as they would in the real world.

This device is called CaneTroller, mainly consists of 5 parts:

The first is a Braing Mechanism hanging on my waist. I call it Brakes. Like a brake disc, this device controls the front-to-back slide of the bar to which it is attached.

The second part is a hand-held rod-shaped controller, called it the joystick (the laboratory is the use of ordinary alpenstock plus control system). Continue reading “Microsoft introduced the blind for VR equipment”

Dell or concentrate on the reverse acquisition of VMware transactions, no longer focus on the IPO

According to foreign reports, sources said on Thursday that Michael Dell and his advisors are currently focusing their energy on the transaction that led Dell back into the securities market through a reverse acquisition of VMware, a publicly traded subsidiary. It is reported that, Dell has no longer attached importance to the choice of initial public offering (IPO), because this method can not simplify the company’s capital structure. Continue reading “Dell or concentrate on the reverse acquisition of VMware transactions, no longer focus on the IPO”

Analyst: Apple device life cycle over four years, new products are not sold well

In the past two years, sales of Apple mobile phones have dropped continuously, Apple and Cook into a development crisis. One of the reasons, is believed to be an extension of the upgrade cycle of Apple’s mobile phone, affecting the sales of mobile phones.

According to the latest news from foreign media, one analyst’s recent analysis pointed out that the average life expectancy of Apple devices is actually four years, which is almost twice that of the generally believed upgrade period of the Apple mobile phone. Continue reading “Analyst: Apple device life cycle over four years, new products are not sold well”

10 misunderstandings about iPhone

To use the phone for a long time, protection is very important. Many users will scratch the film the first time when buying a new iPhone, put on the protective cover, the purpose is to prevent thousands of dollars worth of mobile phone accidental damage. But do you know that in everyday use, even if it’s just a simple standby, charging will inadvertently damage the phone?

idropnews in recent days with the combination of Apple’s sale of “genius” and the recommendations of professionals summed up the 10 “misunderstanding the iPhone,” Here we may wish to look together. Continue reading “10 misunderstandings about iPhone”