Husband Doesn’t Like His Cell Phone

My husband had a cell phone with no case for so long and he said that he wanted a new cell phone. I waited until later in the day on Black Friday to buy my husband a new cell phone online and he told me that he also wanted the best phone wallet case that would allow him to carry his phone in his pocket and also protect it in case he were to drop it. I told him he also had to have something for the screen because if it dropped then it would mean that he was going to possibly have it crack. He got the new case and the new phone from me for Christmas and when he opened it he said that he did not like it. Even though it was about four generations newer than what he had, he did not like it because it was rose gold and not black or blue like he had asked for.

I told him that I did my best buying him a new phone but I wanted later on in the day on Black Friday to buy it and there was nothing else but rose gold. He said that he was worried if he carried around a pink phone that people at his work would say something and make fun of him. I thought that if he saw the phone with the case on it that it would mean a lot to him because the case was black and it was going to be really good on the pink phone. He would not be able to see the pink color so I showed him what it looked like and he said he could still see a little pink through the clear part. I did not know what else to say, he liked it.