Privacy Policy

JRants recognizes that personal privacy is very important. We have adopted the following Privacy Policy to help ensure our commitment to privacy and to prevent the misuse of personal information we obtain through our web sites.

You may visit our public web site and read about our products and services, information and news about JRants and its affiliates without providing any information about yourself unless you choose to do so.

Our website uses “cookies,” which is an application that allows a site to be customized to the preferences of the user by placing a small file on the hard drive of your computer, tracking the user’s navigation, and storing information about it. If you would rather not let us personalize your experience by using cookies, most web browsers have features that can inform you when a cookie is being sent and can allow users to opt-out of receiving cookies. If you are unsure of whether your program has this capability, you should contact the software manufacturer or your Internet service provider.

You may provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or any other additional voluntary information on our public web site in order to request information about the products and services of JRants and its affiliates. If you voluntarily provide personal information, this information will be accessible by authorized employees of JRants and used for evaluating your needs and for our own marketing and/or research and product/service development purposes. We will not sell, lend or disclose in any way personally identifiable information to organizations not affiliated with JRants unless we have notified you in advance and you have not objected, you have authorized us to do so, or we are required to do so by law. We will endeavor to maintain this information in accordance with our internal policies governing use and disclosure of confidential information. In the limited circumstances under which we would provide personally identifiable client information to a third party, we expect that the third party will adhere to similar privacy policies that provide for keeping such information confidential.

Our website is directed at an audience over the age of 15. Children are, of course, welcome to visit our site. But if you are under the age of 15, you may not join our website, sign-up for any contest or sweepstake, or send us any personal information about you. If we determine that you are under age 15, we will delete any personal information that we have about you.

JRants reserves the right to modify or amend this Internet Privacy Policy and our practices of website information collection at any time, and for any reason. This Internet Privacy Policy applies only to those of JRants’s data collection practices that are undertaken via our website. No representation in this Internet Privacy Policy may be construed, understood, or implied to form any agreement, contract, or contractual obligation with any user who visits, downloads, reads, or interacts with the JRants website, or who sends an email or other personally identifying information to JRants through its website or through any other medium.

Information we collect
The information we collect is done in order to help us offer you the best customized experience. We request information regarding your age, location, interests and background in order to help match you with other members on the site, and to customize and tailor our site to better fit your needs and interests.

How we use collected information.
We may use collected information to help improve the site. We follow trends in the type of users signing up to help us focus on what the majority of the members of the site are interested in, or are located. We seek to improve utilities and services based upon the type of users that are signing up and commonly using the service.

Sharing your information.
All information posted to the site becomes property of the site. The policy of the site has been and continues to be to keep any and all information you provide to the site completely confidential. Any personal information that is entered on the site will be used directly for the site and in its best interests. Your information will not be openly or freely shared with any outside organization, company or affiliates. With the exception of local government agencies and authorities and even with them, every measure will be taken to keep your information private.