Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2019

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Welcome to Memory Foam Mattress Reviews. This website was created to help you make your choice of memory foam mattress and help you find a good cheap supplier of all types of foam mattresses plus memory foam mattress reviews for both mattresses and mattress toppers. There are many different brands of memory foam mattresses and because these types of mattresses can get quite expensive it is important to get as much information as possible before purchasing.

Whether you are interested in just putting a topper on your bed, as a cheaper alternative to a mattress or if you are looking for a particular brand review, 2019 Memory Foam Mattress Reviews has it all. If there is anything we have missed and you would like us to review or need a review on please contact us on our contact page.

Having a great mattress is very important. Many people spend years suffering on a less than desirable mattress, losing quality sleep and losing energy as a result. You spend half your life on a mattress so you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Memory foam mattresses can offer you many benefits and can make a major difference in your life. They can give you quality sleep, a feeling of peace and restfulness and give you back your energy. Most people think that just because they can fall asleep easily they are able to get a good nights sleep Unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Memory foam mattresses also have no springs, so you don’t have to worry about them poking you over time. If you can get a quality memory foam mattress, it is designed to last for a long while so splashing out isn’t as expensive as first thought.

On top of this a memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic so is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Overall memory foam mattresses are a great investment but make sure you are get a quality mattress at a low price. Memory Foam Mattress Reviews helps you do just that.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers: These are great if you want good quality sleep. If you have a firm mattress, a memory foam topper will make it more comfortable to sleep on. if you have a soft mattress a memory foam mattress topper will make your mattress even softer so you would be better getting a memory foam mattress instead. Also if you have lumpy mattress than a foam mattress topper wouldn’t be suitable either. A memory foam mattress topper is best on a firm, hard bed. If this doesn’t apply to you then you need to look into a new mattress completely. A memory foam mattress is a great choice and doesn’t have to be expensive.  There is a wide range of memory foam mattress toppers available on Amazon.

Memory Foam Mattresses: A memory foam mattress supports your body. It helps keep your spine straight giving you a much more comfortable and better night’s sleep. You will find that you will no longer suffer from aches and pains. The memory foam mattress also comes in different thicknesses. You may needer a thicker mattress if you have a heavy build, otherwise the mattress won’t support you properly.  There is a wide range of memory foam mattresses on Amazon.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper of Memory Foam Mattress?
Whether you choose a mattress topper or a completely new mattress depends on one thing: the condition of your current mattress. If your current bed is not that old and in very good condition, then a mattress topper can be a great investment and save you money from buying a completely new mattress. However if you have a spring mattress that is fairly old, it most likely is very lumpy. Spring mattresses have a tendency to get lumpy so much so you can feel the springs when you lay on it. In this case if you were to put a mattress topper over it, it may just make the topper lumpy too. The springiness of a spring mattress can also take away from the point of the memory foam – the support, so your best bed then is to just buy a completely new memory foam mattress bed.

Environmentally Friendly Memory Foam: Many companies are now bringing out eco memory foam products, for example Foamex have a range of eco memory foam mattresses made out of natural plant based ingredients plus they also use a process for making the mattress that ensures virtually zero emissions from doing so. Although this is fantastic, it must be noted that for memory foam to have the same feel and support as the original NASA formulation, it cannot be completely organic and plant based.

Memory Foam Mattress Quality – What To Look For

The key areas to consider when buying a memory foam mattress are density and ILD rating.  The density of the mattress is important because it will reveal to you the longevity of the mattress.  Density WILL NOT tell you whether a mattress is going to be firm or soft – this is what the ILD rating is for.

Density will tell you how long a mattress will last and how supportive it is.  Many foam mattresses will come in at around 4-5lbs density.  This is a good overall density.  However some cheap foam mattresses will be as low as 2lbs.  These should be avoided.  Low density foam will either give you very minimal support or no support at all.  They tend to break down quickly and won’t last you many months.  More density will cost you more however you will still be able to find some cheap memory foam mattresses without compromising on feel.

The ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) rating lets you know how firm the mattress is and this is the rating you should be looking at if you are concerned about having a mattress that is too firm or too soft.  The higher the rating the firmer the mattress.  It is also worth keeping in mind that if a mattress is too soft it can be problematic for back sufferers.  If you want soft but are concerned this won;t help you back pain, look for a mattress that has a layered effect – gradually firming up in the lower layers and being more soft at the top.  These types of foam mattresses are the best overall.


There are various different brands available when it comes to memory foam and there are also some bargains to have. Cost doesn’t always equate quality either. A good quality memory foam mattress will feel good without any help from a box spring underneath. It will feel good on its own.

On top of how it feels, you also should check out the warranty. A warranty is a great way to ensure quality because if your mattress fails quickly or in a year or so, the warranty will entitle you to a replacement, which is always a nice thing.

Memory Foam or Latex Foam?
You may have noticed that there are many times of foam available on the market, one that is fairly popular is latex foam. Latex foam has a much higher elasticity than memory foam. It is also more resilient. Therefore latex foam will feel springier whereas memory foam will feel more solid. It is important to know the difference and to ask especially if you have a latex allergy. Many companies are blending the two as well, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Is Memory Foam The Best Support For Bones & Joints?
Memory foam will give you one of the best changes of reducing overall pressure place on your body and joints. It can also help align your body to take the pressure off too. There isn’t anything else that comes close to giving you the type of support memory foam does.