On the blockchain, this is the big three guys fighting for contention to the three core issues

Two days ago, a friend told me that I now see all kinds of “three o’clock” micro-channel group chat history do not want to click in again, one is bombarded by information for a few days, there have been emotional fatigue; two Is because the group’s point of view is greater than the real dry goods, said so much, or people in the fog.

The blockchain popular science out of countless articles, but no matter how blockchain let these big guys how crazy, onlookers said they could not understand. When I saw a blockchain practitioner on Monday, he saw me saying, “You certainly do not believe in the blockchain. The people you believe and the people you do not believe are completely different.”

In the short span of ten days, the controversy over the blockchain has taken place for several times. In the three o’clock group, it can be called “chat in the arena” and not in the group called “off-site chatting.” All people’s views are in collision, truth or fallacy, everything is still unknown.

Debate on the first off: Every day that blockchain, application scenarios where?

One of the most important reasons why the blockchain has been challenged by people is that there are no practical scenarios and ordinary people can not see the value that may exist. So in the eyes of these experts, blockchain application scenarios most likely to appear in where?

Qia Qun, the founder of Quantum Chain, said: At present, the evolution of the whole blockchain technology is still at an early stage, just as the Internet era was 20 years ago. At that time, we could not imagine that there would be applications such as Uber on the Internet. The development of technology gives us a richer diversity. The possibility is the future.

Now, cryptocurrencies are relative to the blockchain, similar to Email versus Internet. The future development of the blockchain will certainly not stop at cryptocurrencies. From a scene perspective, the biggest feature of blockchain technology is the Trustless Platform, guaranteed by a variety of technologies, reducing the cost of all business transactions.

The most famous bearer of the blockchain, Xue Manzi, is similar in concept to Shuai Man. He also believes that the current landing of all applications is still quite difficult. The reason is that there are still many problems in the chain, including bitcoin and Ethernet Square appeared on the transaction costs, transaction confirmation time, scalability and other issues. Now quantum chain, EOS and other public chains have tried to solve these problems, but it is a long-distance race.

What exactly can the blockchain do for that? In the early prediction, the following scenes are relatively easy to fall:

1, the game industry (virtual props and game channel changes);

2, the field of digital content (video, audio, text);

3, ID change;

4, the financial sector (everyone through the smart contract to provide insurance services);

5, organizational structure change, instead of the company system;

6, investment areas VC / PE;

7. Opportunities to serve digital assets (wallets, exchanges, derivatives and liquidity).

Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial said that from the proof of concept to the actual commercial use of blockchain may appear in the financial services and supply chain management, the time may be this year.

Zeng Ming, Dean of Lakeside University, gave several possible answers based on the technical characteristics of the blockchain:

1, the most important advantage of the blockchain, is transparent, can not be changed, distributed books. Some areas are areas that the Internet has never covered, such as acceptance bills.

2, another big advantage of blockchain, from the perspective of smart contract, it is in this level of point to point, it is possible to form more efficient mesh coordination. Such as crowdfunding.

3. In the field of innovation, the blockchain will definitely be closely integrated with the development of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other fields, including cloud computing, edge computing and so on.

Debate second off: virtual currency worth?

Bitcoin prices skyrocketed and more air currency was introduced. ICO is considered more deceitful than marketing. All these views point to the question: Is virtual currency worthwhile?

Because of the quarrel with Zhu Xiaohu and the increased visibility of fast taxi founder Chen Weixing, said the encrypted currency will never cash, never cut leeks. However, he has strong confidence in these virtual currencies and also believes that “there will be no future money in non-cryptocurrencies.”

The reason is that the existing currency is the credit currency, and blockchain is used to create credit technology. It has created a lot of people’s consensus, we can create what everyone believes, and then through the trading liquidity, we define a price as a unit of measurement.

According to Chen Weixing, the traditional macroeconomics is based on the theory of a single currency. However, the multi-currency system in a blockchain environment does not always pay for each payment in a single currency. Therefore, excessive savings of bitcoin will not cause Relative Bitcoin deflation, because we can use eth, qtum thousands of thousands of means of payment. In this way, in future worlds, bitcoin is no longer a “single currency,” but a measure of various other values ​​that measures relative prices.

Xue Manzi’s idea and Chen Weixing completely different. He claims he is not a bitcoin believer and recommended Ruipo Coin three years ago because of Ruipo Coin’s ability to deal with the problems of cross-border deals such as cost, inconvenience and time-consuming.

Murphy’s founder Lily’s point of view is also different from Chen Weixing, and Xue Manzi similar. He said Bitcoin is a starting point for the “big era” of the blockchain and has an antique value, that is, asset value, not monetary value.

Two days ago, the value of bitcoin was strongly criticized by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Gates said that the “anonymity” of electronic cryptocurrencies poses great social problems that may lead to a lot of capital flows that are difficult to legally track, supervise and exploit for offenders.

“This is a rare technique that causes death,” Bill Gates said.

Debate on the third pass: Blockchain will subvert BAT it?

The Internet has become known as the “classical Internet,” and it seems that the blockchain will be replaced immediately. Anxiety has changed the mentality of Internet practitioners, and now have to worry about BAT.

In a conversation, Cai Wensheng, the founder of Meituxiu Xiu Xiu, asked Zeng Ming: Is there any major move by BAT (in the area of ​​blockchain) at this moment because of policy reasons or is it time for the blockchain to land?

Zeng Ming responded: “The core is not to see the entry point, big business innovation mechanism and the market is different. Who found the actual application, who became a large company.”

There is no answer to this question as to who can become a big company. However, the key to determining the potential of the blockchain is whether to nurture big companies or even to subvert BAT. When answering Wang Feng’s question about Wang Feng’s interaction last night, Tsang also added a passage:

“To judge whether the blockchain is a disruptive technology or not, I personally think it is hard to make a more informed judgment at this stage or to take some time to observe.”

Xue Manzi once said that everybody investors are looking forward to casting a Ali, but this is really hard. But he has no doubt about the disruptiveness of the blockchain. He said the blockchain is a big deal that really turns the table and crouched all the mahjong tiles on the table. Everything is zero. Up to BAT down to the small business in the same starting line. Everyone has the opportunity to dry out a BAT, especially BAT can not play this now. This is a big chance!

The impact of the blockchain on BAT is essentially the impact on the Internet. Shuai’s advice is: after decades of development of the Internet, people’s eating and drinking, clothing, food, clothing and transportation and other fields, all Internet companies have made a very easy-to-use products, I personally feel blockchain in these basic areas of demand is not Too many opportunities. From this perspective, the blockchain is very difficult to impact on the BAT in a short period of time.

In addition, he also believes that, from a scenario point of view, at this stage have not seen the subversion of BAT core business opportunities, because BAT has solved some very basic human needs.

The three-o’clock group has been active for half a month, and blockchain believers have modeled more groups. Every classical Internet practitioner, as long as a little show of interest in the block chain, will soon be pulled into the professional and unprofessional groups, see all kinds of people understand and do not understand the group, brave real truths Fake news is in discussion.

All discussions can not avoid these three issues. For example, some people want to ask the ICO in the end is not lying, we must first discuss the value and significance of virtual currency, and then understand the possibility of success of the project, the last look at the prospects of the industry. Even the most insightful scholars can not guarantee the correct answer. At this time, the confrontation of views is particularly precious.