Replacing a Long Lost Shirt

When I went tubing last month, I lost my shirt in the river. It was one of the second amendment shirts that my brother bought me. I took the shirt off because it became wet, and had it in my lap. My inner tube went over a bump and the shirt flew right out of my lap and into the water. I was moving so fast that I couldn’t catch it or go back for it. I really liked that shirt, but now it’s long gone. I had to buy a new shirt from the same place where my brother bought mine.

My brother bought the shirt for me because of how much I always talk about the second amendment. I see nothing wrong with everyone being able to have a gun, as long as they are responsible with it and they aren’t some kind of criminal who will use the gun for ill intent. While it may not be possible to know the intent of every person before they get their hands on a gun, you can still use background checks and even psychological evaluations to determine if a person is more than likely to use the gun to commit crimes. As long as people use them for hunting, protection, and recreation, everyone will be fine.

I’ll be sure to avoid wearing a shirt the next time I go tubing, or at least avoid taking my shirt off. Maybe I’ll just wear a wetsuit. If I had the time and patience, I would try looking in the river for my shirt, but it’s probably floated away or maybe it’s been buried in sand and dirt by now. I guess who ever finds that shirt will get some good use out of it. The new shirt that I ordered from the website looks exactly like the old one.