Sharp AX-1200K SuperSteam Multi-Purpose Microwave Oven Review

Quirky design, but powerful. 

It seems that Japanese designers always have an affinity for weird outlandish designs. We’re not saying this microwave oven looks anything out of the ordinary, but people can easily mistake this for a television.

But in a way, it is some sort like a television. You get to watch your food getting cooked up deliciously through the window. A weird kind of television, but if you want a microwave whose name, Super, accurately depicts what it does then the Shark SuperSteam Microwave Oven is what you are looking. This comprehensive microwave oven review will tell you why.

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With more and more people now opting to eat in instead of going to their favorite Mr. Chang’s Chinese Takeaway, it makes sense why you should choose a microwave that would handle your cooking needs. Hey, if you do go back to your favorite Chinese takeaway joint – which you will from time to time – a good microwave would take care of heating it up the leftovers from last night. We do know how generous the Chinese takeaway joints are with their portions!

You probably wonder what has cooking at home got to do with a microwave. After all, aren’t microwaves just reserved for reheating pizzas? Well, not this one. The Sharp SuperSteam microwave comes jam-packed with futuristic features you didn’t know existed.

Ever heard of SuperSteam Convection? That puzzled look in your face says you don’t.

This nifty little option is about combining superheated steam and convection heat together. What you get is a brown and crisp cooked wonder while retaining all the moisture and leaves the flavors unadulterated.


Also perfect for other traditional microwave uses

The Sharp AX-1200K SuperSteam Microwave will serve you for your entire traditional microwave cooking needs as well as doubling as a convection oven with temperatures ranging from 100 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for baking or your weekly Sunday roast affair or just anything else you can stuff inside its generous 1.1 cubic-foot interior space.

The Shark SuperSteam Microwave has three modes of automatic cooking you can choose from:

  • Microwave Mode: Six Sensor Cook Settings with reheating and popcorn options
  • Steam: Perfect for cooking vegetables, fish or seafood and poaching eggs
  • SuperSteam/Convection: Options allow you to cook meals, meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, pizzas and fast food flawlessly and conveniently.

A steam-clean cycle ensures makes cleaning up after an irresponsible housemate or family member an super easy task.Reheating and defrosting are not a problem for the SuperSteam microwave. 11 variable selection of power levels, a 24-hour clock and sleep mode are just some of the handy features you will find in the SuperSteam microwave.

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The LCD display with a user-friendly control panel makes sure operation is so simple even your six year old son can work it while a child lock makes sure he does not do anything stupid with it. The microwave is also designed with a pull-down door and its inside well-lit with an interior oven light. Using the microwave at night when everyone is sleeping? That’s okay; you can turn the sound on and off.

The Sharp SuperSteam Microwave also comes with a whole load of accessories like two non stick racks, two baking trays made with porcelain enamel, a steaming basket, Touch Guide and a SuperSteam Cookbook packed with healthy recipes and cooking tips – great when you run out of ideas on what to cook.

A Sharp RK-12S30 Kit (sold separately) is also available should you choose to have the SuperSteam microwave built into a 30” wall oven cabinet which can be pretty nice if you are using the SuperSteam together with Sharp Insight and Insight Pro appliances.


The Sharp AX-1200K SuperSteam Microwave Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 20.25 x 21.75 x 17.25 inches

Sharp SuperSteam power level: 700 Watts

  • SuperSteam Convection allows you to  cook perfectly by combining steam and convection heat. Food is made brown and crisp – all the time!
  • Perfect for traditional microwave cooking, steaming and convection cooking
  • Generous 1.1 cubic-foot capacity
  • Three cooking options: Microwave Mode, Steam Mode, Supersteam Convection Mode
  • 11 Variable Power Level Settings
  • Reheat and Defrost Capabilities
  • Accessories include two baking trays, two non-stick racks, steam basket, Touch Guide, SuperSteam Cookbook
  • Child lock for added safety
  • One Year Warranty

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Sharp AX-1200K SuperSteam Microwave Oven Reviews

Here’s our honest opinion on this SuperSteam microwave: it is SUPER. Don’t take our word for it. Ask anyone who have used this amazing piece of kitchen appliance engineering brilliance, they will tell you the exact same thing. The SuperSteam is not just a show pony – other than looking good in your kitchen, it takes cooking at home to an entirely new level.

To test if this microwave oven really works like Sharp says it does – we decide to probe the hundreds of people who have owned this convection genius and asked them for their honest review. The feedback we received was nothing short of amazing.

The convection function works perfectly fine as it should. One of the satisfied customer cum reviewer made a cake and it turned out to be super fluffy and perfectly cooked both inside and out. He also made two chickens to test if the SuperSteam function is just another gimmick. One chicken was cooked with the SuperSteam function, the other without. The result? Both chickens tasted excellent and moist but the one cooked with the SuperSteam function ended looking slightly browned and looked a lot better too.

Another one of the plentiful stellar microwave reviews we received mentioned how easy the microwave oven was to use. The manuals may seem overwhelming and loaded with information, but once you start working it, it will all make sense to you. However, it would be handy to read the manual to familiarize yourself with it.

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Alas, as perfect as the SuperSteam may be, it is not without its flaws. Perhaps it is just a minor design mistake but unlike other ovens, the SuperSteam does not have double rails which act to prevent your cooking racks from tipping over when you pull it out. You need to be very careful when pulling out your cooking rack so it does not tip over and spill your cooking everywhere!


Sharp AX-1200K SuperSteam Microwave Oven Reviews – The Verdict

We, together with hundreds of other satisfied users of the Sharp SuperSteam Microwave Oven cannot sing enough praises for this ingenious kitchen appliance. Despite the absence of double rails, the SuperSteam truly brings cooking to a new level.

If you are looking to cook a perfect roast or bake a nice chocolate cake, the SuperSteam will make that a dream come true for you. In our opinion, the SuperSteam is, hands down, the best microwave oven available in the market. Many of those expensive – or even cheap – microwaves cannot even do simple tasks like reheating. Until the day someone invents a microwave that can cook a nice pork chop in just one second, the SuperSteam may be the only kitchen appliance you will ever need.

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