Sharp R-305KS Microwave Oven Review

Attention, all you chefs-at-home. We all know you are looking for short cuts to make cooking easier and to save you more time. Well, we have some good news for you. Sharp has the solution for that. If you are looking for a powerful microwave oven with 1100 watts of power, your search may very well end here. The Sharp Sharp R-305KS has you covered. This totally 101% unbiased review will take you in the hand and help you make your purchase decision.

Do not underestimate this microwave with a single cubic-foot capacity; this thing is a force to be reckoned with. Its turntable with a 12-5/8” diameter ensures thorough and even heating so you can be sure that your pie does not get cooked with the inside still cold and the surface burnt. Don’t know how to work your microwave? No fret. This genius of a kitchen appliance takes all the guesswork involved in cooking with 23 automatic settings. It has the ability of adjusting cooking times and power levels for a variety of items.

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Defrosting your meat and poultry is made extremely easy and quick with four defrost options. You also get six cooking options so you have always enjoy your baked potatoes, rice, ground meat, frozen foods and also your favorite vegetables. The reheating feature makes it incredibly easy to heat up your coffee, pizzas and muffins. If those features aren’t enough for you already, what about the Short Cuts feature that makes melting, softening and warming a breeze? Or what about the Minute Plus feature that bring the oven to “high” with just a single touch of a button? Maybe you have the boys over for a movie. This microwave can do that just for you. Auto touch controls, easily readable display, a well-lit interior and a convenient time-of-day clock also make for a very nice touch.

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Sharp R-305KS Microwave Oven Features and Specifications:

Dimensions: 17-3/4 x 20-1/2 x 12-1/4 inches

Sharp R-305KS Weight: 36 pounds shipping weight

Power Levels: 11

Capacity: 1 cu. Ft.

  • Short cuts make tasks like melting, softening and warming extremely easy
  • 23 Automatic Options take the guesswork out of cooking, making perfect dishes everytime
  • Four defrost options defrosts your meat and poultry according to weight. Category options for each kind of food guarantees even and thorough defrosting
  • Minute Plus feature brings the microwave to High with a single touch of a button
  • Six Cook Options for cooking the perfect baked potatoes, rice, ground beef, vegetables and frozen foods
  • Six Reheat Options makes it a breeze to reheat very commonly served food and beverages like coffee, pizzas and muffins


Sharp R-305KS Microwave Oven Reviews

Let us be honest with you. If you are looking for Sharp R-305KS microwave oven reviews, you’ve come to the right place. We have done all the thorough research about this product for you and all you have to do is get yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit down, relax and read what we have to say about this microwave oven.

First off, this microwave oven has made cooking a lot easier for many satisfied customers. For a microwave well below the price of $200, this microwave oven comes with a carousel big enough to fit your dinner plate and warm your food up with a powerful heating power of 1100 watts. As you would expect from any Japanese brands, you can trust Sharp as a reputable and reliable manufacturer of kitchen appliances. For the price of this unit, you may very well feel at ease with this microwave knowing it will be there to serve when you need it.

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Due to its high wattage, you can expect cooking to take less time. A satisfied customer even told us that they had to get used to the quicker cooking time. Another reviewer even put the Sharp R-305KS to the microwave popcorn test, which most microwaves would fare pretty badly. And guess what, the popcorn turned out very, very nicely. With settings available for the ever so popular mini popcorn bags, making popcorn for this customer was not a problem at all. A cup of water only took 45 seconds to boil.

Perhaps the designers at Sharp were very big on contemporary designs. The Sharp R-305KS, as quoted by many people, is very pleasing to the eye. With a stainless steel construction, exterior stains were easily wiped off. For some people who have had their kitchens renovated and re-done with all stainless steel appliances (it seems like the craze these days), this Sharp microwave oven was the option for them. The controls are also very intuitive. People love how the controls are so easy to understand without needing to refer to the user manual every time you use the microwave. Its interior room is also pretty good, considering its compact size.

Before you hit the buy button though, there are probably a few key points about this microwave that you should be wary of. You do sometimes get dead-on-arrival products with certain purchases or sometimes you get defective units from the factory, so it is unfair that we comment on how long this product would last before things start falling off or fail. However, with good customer service from Sharp and Amazon’s refund policy, this should be the least of your worries. Also, we would like to bring your attention to the buttons wearing out. Several customers have complained of the buttons wearing out over time. We did mention about exterior stains easily wiped off, but unfortunately, that is not the case for the interior with some customers saying it is pretty hard to clean since the inside is not non-stick Before making your purchase decision.

But, let us touch a bit on value. Yes, if this microwave oven is worth your money. For the price of this microwave oven, it is considered less expensive than your average microwave with the price at the bottom 23% of the new microwave ovens in the market. However, if you thought for a minute, this microwave also has less features than most and sits at the bottom 5% in rank compared to other new microwaves.

The wattage is good for its price. With 1100 watts of power, you really cannot complain. The magnetron comes with a 4 year warranty so you can sleep in peace at night without the fear of having your microwave fail the next day when you want to heat up your bagels. This microwave, however, does lack in certain areas. It doesn’t come with convection heating, meaning you cannot brown, bake or roast meats or other dishes like you would with other convection microwave ovens. Without grilling or broiling capabilities, you cannot enjoy your favorite steaks, hamburgers or tasty chicken wings. As this is a standard microwave, do not hope to have your food automatically warmed up for you after it is done cooking. This microwave does not come with automatic warming up features so you would have to do that manually.

All in all, we think this microwave oven would be a suitable purchase for college students, those who have just moved out of their parents’ home, single people or just couples. If you have a family, you should probably look elsewhere. For the price, we think it is worth the money but it does lack many functions so if you are thinking you can do your cooking solely with the microwave; you may as well forget it. This microwave is better reserved for simple everyday tasks. We would still recommend this over any other cheap generic brands though.