Sharp R-802JS Convection Microwave Oven Review

If we told you there was a microwave that could do everything and could replace your oven, your griller and still be a superb microwaving machine, you wouldn’t believe us. You think even if such a thing existed, it would not be any good.

We will be a little blunt here, but you are wrong. You have obviously not heard of the Sharp R-802JS Grill 2 Convection Microwave. If you are still harboring doubts in your heart, this microwave review will prove you wrong.

Up until now, if you wanted to bake a cake, you’d buy an oven. If you wanted to roast a chicken, you’d buy an oven. If you wanted to grill some chicken, you would buy a griller. If you wanted to reheat your food quickly, you’d use your microwave for that.

So if you were a cooking maestro and you want to cook every sort of dish under the sun, how much money would you need to spend to buy a good oven, a good griller and a good microwave? We think that would be quite a hefty investment. And guess what? You wouldn’t be using them all the time either. Most of the time, they will just be gathering dust.

This is very reason why we think the Sharp R-802JS is one of the very best microwave ovens around. Want to see more pictures of this super convection microwave oven?

With a convection power of a whopping 1500watts complete with “double” grills, you can now see why your food will always be nicely browned and crisped.

Wait, double grills?

You are probably scratching your head here, but let us explain. The Sharp R-802JS Convection 2 Grill Microwave Oven comes with two grills that are located both at the top and at the bottom of the food. This works great to emit heat both over and under the food. What you get is an even heating resulting in that brown and crispy chicken.

We all know there is some kind of black magic force and rocket science involved in roasting those succulent cuts like the eye of round, pork loin or even roasting chickens and turkeys to juicy perfection. Luckily, for those of us who haven’t quite cracked the science and voodoo art of cooking, the AutoRoast does this automatically for us.

What about cookies and cakes?

That’s okay, because theres also the AutoBake that churns out crisp and golden fries, biscuits, excellent brownies and tasty snacks just like your grandmother does it back in the day. AutoGrill, AutoDefrost and Reheat, need we go through all the self explanatory features this convection microwave wonder comes with?

The R-802JS also comes with staged cooking to allow you to cook your dishes automatically without having to keep an eye on it so you can clean (or do any other task for that matter) while you cook! Talk about saving time!

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What if you cook while you watch your favourite TV show and forget all about it? Don’t worry! The Sharp R-802JS microwave automatically keeps your food warm after they are done. How is this technology even possible? Well, a setting that is preprogrammed within the microwave uses low-power microwaves to keep the food warm. The heat lamp also plays its part!

You can cook just about anything with the Sharp R-802JS Convection 2 Grill Microwave. Its generous 0.9 cubic foot interior capacity makes it easy to stuff any kind of food in there. Its rather compact size also takes up less space on your kitchen counter. The shiny steel appearance would definitely give your kitchen a modern touch to it.

Apart from being able to cook anything and saving space, this microwave is also pretty flexible. With 11 power levels, you can easily adjust it to cook anything you want with control. Temperature settings are pretty flexible, from 100, 150 and 275 all the way up to 450 in 25 degrees Fahrenheit increments.


The Sharp R-802JS Convection 2 Grill Microwave Features and Specifications

Dimensions:  20 x 21 x 13 inches

Capacity:  0.9 Cu-ft

Microwave Power: 900 watts

Convection Power: 1500 watts

Carousel Diameter: 12-3/4 inches

Features Include:

  • Seven Automatic Settings including AutoGrill, AutoRoast, AutoBake, AutoDefrost and Reheating
  • 11 Power Levels
  • Temperature settings include 100, 150 and 275 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in 25 degrees F increments
  • 2-line with 12-digit interactive display
  • Double grills with 1500 watts of power emit heat both over and under food for ultimate browning and crisping.
  • Staged cooking lets you cook and program your microwave so you can do other tasks while your microwave does its job!
  • Preprogrammed settings and heat lamp automatically keeps your food warm after they are done cooking
  • Child-lock for added safety

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Sharp R-802JS Gril 2 Convection Microwave Oven Reviews – What People Are Saying

When we did thorough research on how the Sharp R-802JS performed under real life situations, we were shocked.

The R-802JS sounded good on paper, but we never expected it to perform beyond our expectations.

Our research proved that the Sharp R-802JS Convection 2 Grill Microwave reigns as the best microwave oven and these are the reasons why.

According to a satisfied customer by the name of Elizabeth, she bought this microwave after having moved to an apartment with little space. The main reason for the purchase was its versatility: it functioned as a toaster oven, grill and microwave.

A lot of happy users also mentioned that the results of grilling and roasting with the R-802JS have been nothing short of exceptional. Roasted and grilled foods and vegetables were fabulously juicy and tender like you would expect from an oven.

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When it came to reheating, customers also noted that breads and muffins seemed like they were freshly baked and didn’t harden up despite the fact that they were really just reheating them! Defrosted chicken pies also turned out great, as one customer reported.

The convection feature worked extremely well too. Many people have baked bread with this microwave with great results as well.

Alas, here comes some bad news about the R-802JS. Don’t worry, they are nothing serious although some people have reported that when you are grilling on the rack, the drippings may fall on the carousel tray or even the pan placed below the meat. Some people have experienced these drippings getting badly burnt which could prove to be quite a hassle to clean later on. The good news though, is that the interior is stainless steel, you could easily wipe off stains.

Sharp R-802JS Gril 2 Convection Microwave Oven Reviews – The Verdict

Just get this microwave. This little wonder can replace all the other appliances in your house, saving you money and space. Even if you live in a large house and you have plenty of money to spend on unnecessary appliances like an oven, you should just get this microwave.

In terms of performance, well, what can we say? The Sharp R-802JS Convection 2 Grill roasts your turkeys to perfection. Is this microwave worth your investment? We are confident it is!

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