Talk to an analyst friend about high-precision maps

One day, while waiting for the high-speed rail station, I suddenly received some questions from a friend and I gave some replies. Recall today, think it is necessary to post it as a memo.

A (Analyst): At what stage will a high-precision map be massively popularized? What is its business model?

L (Lei): There may be some controversy in the autopilot architecture before, but the basic consensus now is that high-precision maps are an integral part of the perceptual layer and based on this consensus, its widespread popularity should be with L3 above the basic automatic synchronization of vehicles.

From the business model point of view, the first is certainly a service, but this service may include both the map data itself, but also the integration of data processing, which is unique to the self-driving service.

A: This is not understandable, because the map manufacturers need qualifications, coupled with the national security and other factors, the domestic manufacturers have the absolute advantage of absolute advantage. From the business model, or from the fee? Data or the use of car companies or Uber such companies?

L: From the policy point of view, the qualified manufacturers have certain advantages. On the whole, it may be more reasonable to say that they are relative advantages. From the product or technology point of view, there are some new teams at home and abroad trying to build high-precision maps. They are more daring (radical) than some of history’s concerns.

Of course, such a small team is unlikely to develop independently for a long time.

On the other hand, last year, Li Shufu, at the People’s Congress, once put forward a request to liberalize qualification restrictions. This shows that the OEMs are also aware of the importance of map resources.

Added: The importance is that the users of the traditional navigation electronic map are people, and the user of the autonomous driving map is the vehicle itself. This is the difference between icing on the cake and getting what you need. From the production method, the vehicle’s Camera, Lidar and other sensors are contributing to the production of map source data, each vehicle is both a consumer and a resource provider.

In short, it is still the process of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, government game.

A: So, for map makers, in this state, in what position? From an investment point of view, which link is more chance?

L: Now in a period of change, the rival of the business is not only the original business planner, but also some new entrants, such as xxx …….

As for investment opportunities, on the one hand, the field itself is still very uncertain. On the other hand, there is no way for individuals to remain neutral in their reply to this question. So, really hard to answer.

Added: The map will be in a more important position, and thus the status of map business will also be improved