Virtual currency skyrocketed, the achievements earned 16 billion annual myth

Bernstein said that the bitter continent in 2017 operating profit of 30 billion to 4 billion US dollars; the same period, chip maker giant Nvidia’s operating profit of 3 billion US dollars, the lower limit of the aforementioned range.

First, difficult to re-stealth wealth empire

If it were not for Bernstein’s February 21 report, the bitter continent could still be “muffled” and not known to the general public.

According to CNBC, assuming a conservative estimate of 75% of the gross margin and 65% of the operating margin, Bernstein said that the operating income of the Bitcoin continent in 2017 will be between US $ 3 billion and US $ 4 billion. In the same period, , Chip maker giant Nvidia (Nvidia) operating profit of 3 billion US dollars, the lower limit of the aforementioned range.

NVIDIA took this step for 24 years, while the bit continent only took four years, Bernstein said.

If the above estimates are accurate, according to the exchange rate at the time of this article‘s announcement (March 2), the operating profit of the bit continent for 2017 will be 19 billion yuan to 25.4 billion yuan. If the blockchain and virtual assets are also included in the financial technology category, it is widely acknowledged that the financial profit of the financial technology giant in China is $ 13,189 million in 2017, which is dwarfed by the mainland continent, not to mention the past profits Cash loan company.

However, the bit mainland told the media Bernstein’s prediction is not correct, and said that in 2017 operating income of about 2.5 billion US dollars (about 15.9 billion yuan). Even so, the bitter continent has become a wealth empire that can not be ignored.

Second, with mining machine landing “New World”

Said the bit continent, can not get around its helm – Wu Ji cold.

He was born in 1986 and graduated from Peking University with a double degree in economics and psychology. He was a former private equity fund investment analyst / investment manager. Participate in the Bitcoin community in 2011. She is the co-founder of Babbitt, a key media in the blockchain and digital asset community in China. She is believed to have translated the bitcoin white paper as earliest in China. In 2013, she founded the Bitmain company, Director and Co-CEO, Mainly responsible for marketing, sales, strategic investment and investor relations.

One possible way for Wu to complete the accumulation of primitive wealth is to invest in cat roaster, which has brought tens of millions of returns to it. At that time in 2012, roasted cats (Chiang Hsin-yu, friedcat, graduated from CUHK Junior Class) raised bitcoin shares in bitcoin forums (which is considered as China’s first tokens issuance project) Into the cold into the tens of thousands of dollars. Another possible route is to invest bitcoin. Legend has it that he saved his first pot of gold by investing all his savings in Bitcoin through Taobao and the Mt.Gox Exchange in 2011.

He got acquainted with the chip specialist Jennifer (now the CEO of Bote continent) in the streets when the clerk at DivaIP was selling set-top boxes to Wu Ji-han. They co-founded the bitter continent.

This is exactly what kind of company?

According to the Bote continent official website, it is headquartered in Beijing Ao North Science and Technology Park (Orson Park northeast), in Chengdu, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other places with R & D center at the same time, in Hong Kong, the United States California, Israel Tel Aviv, Netherlands Amsterdam To set up branch offices.

Bit mainland focused on high-level, low-power custom chip design and development, successful design, production of a variety of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) custom chips and integrated systems, sales and service network covering more than 100 countries and regions. Among them, ASIC chip is suitable for bitcoin mining, which has a large amount of computation, repeatability and so on.

Specifically, its products and services are as follows:

  • Hardware device support – Antminer (ant miner, not only to dig bitcoin, you can also dig Litecoin and the DST. The mainstream S9 ant miner contains 189 ASIC chips .Motor is loaded with strong power chip Machine, mining body. Mining refers to the virtual currency through the calculation of the right to claim in order to obtain virtual currency rewards.);
  • Bottom Agreement Support – (Mining Pool. Pool refers to the collection of mining machines, mining machine distributed according to the distribution of profits);
  • SHA256 high-speed integrated computing solutions – Antpool (Ant pool, referred to as Ant pool);
  • Cloud Computing Services for Overseas Users – HashNest.

Bernstein said the main income from the bitter mainland comes from the sale of mines, “and it adjusts the price of miners based on the price of bitcoin.” It estimates that the bit continent has 70-80% market share in bitcoin mining machines and ASICs.

Ant Mines can dig three kinds of virtual currency in 2017 there has been a surge in the environment, the bit of continental wealth engine has strong support. Among them, Zero One Finance calculated in accordance with Coinmarketcap data, denominated in US dollars, bitcoin rose more than 12 times, once more than 17,000 US dollars / piece, the current market value of nearly 1.2 trillion yuan; Litecoin rose more than 50 times, reaching nearly 86 Times

Bit mainland mining machine “Legion” has far left behind competitors: roasted cat running in 2014, has not yet appeared, the production of roasted cat miner’s Shenzhen Bit Springs Information Technology Co., Ltd. is no longer dazzling; the first Taiwan ASIC mining machine – Avalon mining machine manufacturer Jia Nan Yun Chi has not successfully landed on the new board, 2017 revenue more than 2 billion yuan; butterfly mining machine has no audio …

Third, forked bitcoin

According to the “Finance and Economics” to sort out, because the 1MB block is too small, less expensive to block the block by malicious transactions, other transactions can not be normal, bitcoin expansion, but there are differences in the technical route.

The Core team of bitcoin core developers advocated Segregated Witness (Segwit) and set up a lightning network outside the main chain. The former divides the block information into transaction information and witness information. The main chain only carries the transaction information , The latter put the transaction outside the traditional block. The expansion needs to be 51% computational support, which means that the master of the power of the discourse weight.

However, “big mine owner” Wu Jihan failed to reach a consensus with the Core faction, and he hoped to play a more powerful advantage. On August 1, 2017, bitcoin led Bitcoin Cash (BCH, formerly known as BCC) under the control of the bit continent. The main difference between BCH and Bitcoin (BTC) is that the former has a larger block size than the latter (1MB) and is currently scalable up to 8MB (up to 32MB as early as May 15). BTC and BCH fans each think they are “real bitcoin.”

Wu Jihan’s mine and mine machine has not given up digging bitcoin. According to the block network data, as of the publication date of this article (March 2) within a month, the bit mainland China’s own pool (ants pool, and its investment pool viaBTC market share of the force ( The number of blocks dug into the whole area) were 17%, 13.32% and 11.93% respectively, ranking No. 1, No. 2 and No. 4 respectively, with a total share of 42.25%. It is reported that Zhongtangzhaoer owns the mine pool which is also inextricably linked to the mainland of bitter China. Its market share in the same period was 13.32%.

In BCH power, Wu Jihan also has a considerable voice. As of this writing (March 2), Ant pool,, viaBTC, market share of 11.6%, 2.7%, 2.5%, 2.4%.

Recently, head Cobra and Wu Jihan on Twitter for a war of words. Tencent “Deep Web” claimed that the site was originally registered by Satomi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi (bitcoin developer) to provide bitcoin white papers and other content, and prior to the disappearance of Nakamoto, the management of the domain name was handed over to two administrators They Theymos and Cobra.

Cobra’s ability to focus on Wu Ji-han is a departure from the original intention of Bitcoin to be decentralized, calling for a change in Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism, Proof of Work (PoW). Wu Kui-hang laughed at the proposal to improve the ERC20 agreement in Ethereum. While many other blockchains were busy developing R & D, Cobra was still busy playing political games. Changing PoW would make bitcoin’s market share in the virtual currency world fall below 10 %, Prospects worrying.

Fourth, in-depth artificial intelligence industry chain

In fact, the boundaries of the bit mainland have far exceeded the virtual currency.

By the end of 2017, bit Continental “marched” to AI, and it is actively developing AI hardware and software products such as Deep Learning Accelerators and servers with the goal of enabling big data users to more quickly develop and deploy their deep learning with their cloud platform application.

It not only upstream of the industry chain – chip, but also the acquisition of downstream – application service providers (such as early childhood robot service provider carrot technology).

The bitter continent encountered the new continent of bitcoin, but also more than that. It connects the “classical” manufacturing industry, but also closely follow the forefront of financial technology – the blockchain, the future is difficult to limit.

Attachment: Bian continent is not completely chronicles (zero one financial comprehensive self network)

Established in 2013

In November, the company launched “AntminerSI”, a mining machine equipped with ASIC chips. According to Haitong Securities, this year saw an 432-fold increase in bitcoin power driven by ASIC chips.

Year 2014

April, ant S2 mine production and sales;
June, the first version of 28nm chip BM1382 successful development;
July, equipped with 28nm chip ant mines S3 production;
In September, the acquisition of the cloud mining platform was completed and renamed HASHNEST.COM;
In November, on the line ant pool (Antpool);
In December, ant miner S5 production

2015 year

In August, the fourth generation of Bitcoin chip BM1385 released;
November, ant miner S7 production

2016 year

June, release ant miner S9

2017 year

April, set up a mining company in Israel;
In early November, the release of artificial intelligence chip brand SOPHON (count abundance, take “count heaven and earth, Feng cognitive cognitive intelligence,” meaning, in Liu Cixin’s science fiction “three body”, count abundance is a locked earth science and technology Strong artificial intelligence) and the first tensor acceleration chip BM1680, the latter is the world’s first dedicated tensor computing chip after GoogleTPU. Bit mainland based on BM1680 accelerator card SC1 / SC1 +, intelligent video analysis server SS1 and other products are also mass production shipments, SS1 server-based face recognition system has begun to accept the customer’s order;
December 8, the acquisition of intelligent robot company Beijing radish technology, the latter has introduced a small number of children and other children early education robots. Radish mainly focused on children’s education scene, based on self-developed natural language processing technology, the selected enlightenment knowledge, early education courses, integrated into the voice and motion control based intelligent interaction.


Mines are being set up in Canada and Switzerland and regional headquarters in Singapore
March 2018, already has 1,500 employees (data from the bit mainland China microblogging)