Want to mix well in the workplace, with “data power” is very important

In a MLB MLB season, the Oakland Athletic Team lost to the rich and powerful New York Yankees, which hit Billy Bean, general manager of the Oakland Athletic Baseball team. To make matters worse, three main force have been dug in the future, the future of the future is slim.

And, at a scouting session with the team, a group of old scouts are unidentified, taking into account even the most handsome or unlucky when choosing a player. At this point only Billy knows, the team must make changes.

By chance, Billy met Yale School of Economics Master Peter Blom (rich body), specializing in player data analysis experts, Billy very much agree with Peter’s set of mathematical modeling to find underrated players Method, by intuition and experience, Billy seems to have found the key to cracking Jinyuan baseball.

As a result, Billy hired Peter as his own assistant to study how to create the highest winning percentage of the team. They are gradually digging the team can afford affordable, underestimated players, through soft grinding and foam they will be led. Finally, the new season begins …

But the start of the new season did not go well, the team losing streak, the team coach has been looking to his face, the coach refused to use the Peter model selected by the players, the players even worse, still lose when Dressing room dancing. In life, the divorced Billy in the face of the daughter’s concern, can only laugh, pretend to be strong. Everything seems to be a mess.

The turnaround occurred after the team a series of player transactions, when the coach started using the method of Billy and Peter’s players selected, the team actually started winning. Although Billy still, as always, no courage to watch the players play at the scene, but the team actually won the Union record-breaking 20 game streak … …

The story, from Michael Lewis’ bestseller film, “Penalties,” reveals one of the simplest truths whether you want to make more productive internal decisions or want to offer your customers more valuable products, Analysis is essential, it will be the data summary, analysis, and find out the meaning and internal relations.

Mentioned in the best-selling “vision” of a very important workplace capabilities: ability to migrate. Such as communication skills, foreign language ability and so on. This ability can help you quickly adapt to the role of the workplace, and can make you qualified for more advanced positions. And Davenport, in her new book, “Becoming a Data Analyst,” tells you another crucial migratable-data power.


Why are people so powerful?

Speaking of Nightingale, what would you think of? She is synonymous with the spirit of nurses, pioneers of nursing, was later hailed as “lantern.” In honor of her, the descendants set up the International Nurses Day on May 12 every year.

She made such extraordinary achievements, not only her strong, kind and kind, but also her super data.

When the war in Crimea was under way in October 1854, mortalities in the field hospital were as high as 43% due to poor facilities and poor sanitation. Nightingale made it clear at that time that statistics were necessary to solve the problem. So she started collecting data and detailing daily hospital rooms, gunshot wounds, sickness patients, treatment and deaths, and then categorized them.

But finding the problems is far from enough. Florence Nightingale’s most urgent task is to let the relevant departments pay attention to the seriousness of such things, and then take the necessary measures.

Nightingale was interested in numbers and tabulation information since her childhood. Although she recognizes the importance of digital evidence, she also understands that not everyone is interested in digital charts, and most people avoid them and miss some of the evidence. She wanted the reader to see her own statistics, so she used a graphic that showed everyone the number of unnecessary deaths caused by unhygienic conditions and the need for reform. At that time, this method of presenting data was quite new.

Nightingale uses the pie chart creatively and shows it in a wedged cut. In addition, Nightingale printed the icons in several colors, clearly showing the monthly changes in the causes of death. Use numbers and icons as evidence, both clearly and clearly.

Nightingale effectively and clearly reveals to all in this concise and clear manner what happened during the war in Crimea: the wounded soldier who was taken to the hospital was less well-healed and died more. Eventually, the relevant agencies adopted Florence Nightingale’s proposal and the hospital mortality rate dropped drastically. In June 1856, after the war in Crimea, she returned to England, at which time she became famous and became a hero in her heart. Nightingale used her data to save the lives of millions of British soldiers.


Data strength, advanced workplace up to super weapons

First of all, what is the data power?

In “Becoming a Data Analyst,” Davenport summarized the power of data into three major competencies:

1) work experience bottlenecks? You should change mind

Some people have been in the workforce for two or three years now. They are highly skilled and have a network of contacts. However, they are hard-working and sophisticated in business and professional positions. Where are the problems? What you may lack is a more structured way of thinking.

Data force is first of all a structured thinking ability, its core is analytical thinking. Davenport divided this ability into three stages and six steps:

Ask the right questions, solve the problem in the right way, and ultimately communicate the results to the team and get the problem solved. The three phases, seemingly simple, but doing everything can make you an irreplaceable person.

Marketing has a famous “Warnemec theorem.” Known as the father of a department store, Warnemeck is even more famous because of that: I know half what I spend on advertising is useless, but the problem is that I do not know which half. For start-ups from zero to one, the traditional burn-money advertising line is obviously not appropriate.

Ultimately, the people who solve the problem are not veteran market experts, but programmers with a data-thinking mindset. They redefined the problem for growth. And put forward a set of “pull new – activation – active – retained” model. At each stage, marketing costs can be clearly quantified, pushing marketing to a new level.

Whether you encounter a bottleneck in your job or want to make significant progress in your job, you should use Davenport’s 3-stage, 6-step process to polish your thinking weapon.

2) speak less attention? You should change it

Data power is also an enhanced expression of ability, as Marquez told reporters in a Paris commentary: “If you say elephants fly in the sky, people will not believe you, but if you say that 425 elephants are in heaven Fly, people might believe you. “Of course, this is just an example, and the point is that the ability to tell stories with data becomes more and more important in the business. Nightingale was not the first to discover the link between health conditions and patient cure rates, and she is using innovative ways to draw the attention of the department concerned and to solve the problem. If you try to diss your boss, let him increase departmental funding. Or persuade customers, using your program, this ability is essential.